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Thank you all, we are Wooting.

by Wooting - Calder 2018.6.24

I'm Calder, CEO and founder of Wooting. 

I'm thrilled to collaborate with Zfrontier and finally have Wooting available in China. Zfrontier happily surprised me with the community and their long-term goals. Truly something unique, very cool to be part of, and hard to say no to.

After frequently visiting the mainland, and learning to speak a word or two of 中文, I have longed for Wooting to make an entrance. Not only because you guys have a booming market, but because you have a rapidly growing culture that's fascinating to experience and it's very cool to take a tiny part in it.

Therefore, big thanks for the warm welcome and enthusiasm you've already showed. In time I hope to populate our Wooting page with Wooting news, experiences, announcements and especially your product pictures. I'm looking forward to it.

Wooting in a Nutshell

We’re a group of young guys from the Netherlands, that know each other from a long history of gaming. We got fed up with the gaming stereotype and terrible customer communication by major "gaming" companies and decided to start for ourselves.

We run Wooting with modern practices, open communication and transparency. At its core, it’s you with us challenging the industry and making impactful products. That’s why we crowdfunded our first product, the Wooting one, and keep the community at heart.

Currently, our mission is to make analog keyboards an industry standard. We strongly believe it's the next step ‍‍‍and are doing our best to support further developments within the field.

The word Wooting stems from the word WOOT, woot or w00t. It's an old gaming jargon from the Quake/EverQuest times and basically means:

We Own the Other Team.

It was afterwards often used as a shout of victory or happiness and then the word slowly disappeared. We used it, because, we didn't want to be taken too seriously and take a step away from all those typical over-done non-authentic gaming brands. It's also a word that connects the 3 of us from an old guild we used to manage in the original Guild Wars game.

Feedback welcome

Wooting can learn many things from you on all different levels. May it be product, software development, how other companies promote their brand or getting to know new (Chinese) memes. If you have feedback or tips, my doors are always open may it be in 中文, my own tongue Dutch, or English. Myself and the entire Wooting team is here to learn from you.

Thank you.
- Calder

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Dit is een geweldige Gemeenschap, ook wij willen graag contact met de vrienden van het buitenland, alleen omdat de taal en de verschillende van onze communicatie platform leidt tot moeilijkheden.Ben blij dat je in de Gemeenschap kan, dat je kan leiden tot meer interessante ideeën en producten. 
                                                        ---------------Uit spreekt geen Nederlands Zhang fei
  • molirua
  • 最近和百度达成了合作,他们可以免费帮我翻译
  • Zhang fei 瞩目
  • 取个老外熟悉点的中文名
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    Love ur products and looking forward to a 104-key version
    Joseph Choi
    Welcome! You guys had done an amazing job by creating this keyboard.
    The Wooting One is indeed an innovative and truly gamer-friendly keyboard.
    As a FPS game player, I can definitely feel the advantage of using an analog keyboard, which completely destroy the very last advantage of gamepad IMO.

  • Thank you! Really appreciate you're pro-innovation and support our mission.
  • 一曲尽天下。
    so cool

    有点6啊 最近 各路大佬都来zf了
  • 了解
  • Indiana Jones
    Keyi shuo ,xiangdang 6 le.
  • ni de wai yu shuo de hen hao!
  • Thank you for praise 
  • 大佬胡吹,见识了!
  • 相當6?You have to teach me that one.

    edit: Learned something new! 6666
  • Lola
    Welcome and thanks for bringing such an awesome product to us!
    hope you guys could have more switch options in the near future! I believe a tactile switch with an early or delayed tactile bump will really help differentiate how deep I am pressing. Also, maybe a switch with steeper bottoming our force curve would help that analogue input shine more!
  • A brown switch is still in development. But there's a black switch available as a pre-order. You can consider getting aftermarket CherryMX springs with a very heavy weight. You can easily swap them out for the Flaretech switch spring, we even have a YT video of it. Not sure if it was also uploaded on bilibili as well.
  • 茶酒
    首先请原谅我英语很差,因此我使用了翻译软件。 中国人是热情好客的,我们也非常喜欢你们的产品。 但是作为你的忠实粉丝和键盘爱好者,我想提醒我亲爱的朋友: 中国的货币与欧元的汇率决定了价格,但是欧元的购买力和人民币的购买力并不一样。 中国有句古话:薄利多销 所以我们有理由相信,如果价格可以再低一些,这个伟大的产品会在中国引发更大的热潮。每一个玩家都会爱上这把键盘。所以为什么不呢? 让价格更友好,更符合这里的情况。 相信我,会更好。 谢谢~
    First of all, please forgive me for my poor English, so I used the translation software. The Chinese are very hospitable, and we like your products very much. But as your loyal fans and keyboard enthusiasts, I want to remind my dear friends: The exchange rate between China's currency and the euro determines the price, but the purchasing power of the euro is not the same as the purchasing power of the renminbi. There is an old saying in China: thin profit and multi selling So we have reason to believe that if the price can be lowered a little bit, this great product will cause a greater boom in China.Every player will fall in love with the keyboard. So why not? Make the price more friendly, more in line with the situation here. Believe me, it will be better. Thank you.
  • 说的好,暗示照顾穷苦的中国老百姓
  • No problem, it's great for me to learn. But you'll have to work with my English :) 

    When it comes to the pricing, you're absolutely right. That's also why it's on Zfrontier for a more friendly price than our Euro price. But there are some limits we have to work with, until we can produce more quantities and have more different income streams.

    I hope in the future our products can be our communication vehicles and we don't rely on its profit for our existence.
  • 星晴
    hello 老外~
    you guys are so cool
    Hope you can make more good keyboards,and I hope the price can lower.

    刚刚购买了你们的产品, RGB灯在调低亮度的情况下会出现亮度不均匀, 还有颜色不一致的情况, 客服说这是正常现象?!